Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Space Quilt

Back to blogging! The holidays are over , I am caught up on my customer quilts and very busy with new ones. I thought I'd post several that were finished.
 First up, the Space Quilt.
 My client made this for her daughter who had a test she designed as a high school student get picked to be on  one of the space shuttle missions. They both got special tours, met the crews of several shuttle missions and attended the launches. Mom did a special job on this. It is a very unique quilt.
This great quilt is all embroidered. that center sphere is made up of lots of 6 inch block, each embroidered and then sewn together. A puzzle, when put together forms the sphere. Incredible!

The borders have  the names of the  astronauts, shuttles,and the companies who designed and built the rockets and shuttles.

The gold thread is couched on top in a wavy pattern. I wanted the quilting to add texture but not be "in your face". The embroidery designs are the stars here. I alternated a swirl in one section with  gentle lines in the next in a blue thread that just was a shade different to show up. Glide  Pacific was perfect.
Glide Cream for the stippling in the white border and in the sphere. The sphere had outlining  to highlight special elements of the design and to tack it down. It already had batting behind it when embroidered. So it had a double layer, but seemed to quilt just fine.
It is always fun to do something so unusual and add the finishing touch to this quilts' vision.

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