Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010

I hate to see Christmas end and put away all the cheer. But maybe the clean up will spur me on to new goals! Things I need to finish, UFO's!!! I do have a few of those.
  •  #1 on my list is the Fig Tree Baskets quilt that just needs to be put together and borders added.  The fun part of piecing  the blocks and seeing how each looks is over. I always have to force myself to do borders. Funny, I love quilting them, just not adding them.
  •  #2..let's see, oh yes, the BOM Christmas that I'm doing through Fat Quarter Shop. I will take my blocks to the quilt retreat in Temecula and get them done. Unless, I find something that catches my eye!
  •  I am all caught up on the Layer Cake Mystery at Moose on the Porch Quilts so no problemo there.
I'm  sure I can find a few more undones in my stash. Do you know we once asked the question, "How many UFO's do you have" at Guild and the most was 71. This was one of our most prolific quilters and I bet she has them all done now!  How many do you have? I like to look many new things am I going to start!! More fun.
I think my Christmas stuffed Gingerbread people are going to hang around a couple more days!
Happy New Year and here's to new projects, and fun in the sewing room!

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