Monday, January 24, 2011

Works in Progress

Here's my Monday update.
This is a row quilt done by my friendship group and the challenge now is to get it together. I took apart the rows that were pieced blocks and resewed them vertically. Playing around with the settings in EQ7 I decided this was the best. I didn't want a long narrow quilt or a big wide one. I needed this to fit  on a certain wall . Added a few plain blocks where I can doodle when I quilt, maybe add the month name or quilt a turkey, flag etc, I'll decide as I quilt it.
One of the challenges with this type of quilt is finding a sashing fabric that works and a border. There are so many different types and colors in these blocks. My first choice was black with white polka dots but I didn't have enough fabric, so went with the check. Using the check meant I had to ditch my stripe border as it was just too much. I am auditioning this multi color flower print that I picked up at the Road to California show. This may be the one.
I am also continuing on with the Lost Socks blocks that I thought were due this month. Got a reprieve, so I can do them  when I have a moment. This is an easy pattern, once you decide on the fabrics for the socks, heels toes. I cut them out in groups and then play mix and match.
We are doing this in a "homespun" look, but, it would be really nice in red, green ,gold with cream backgrounds. Sort of Christmas looking but with no"Christmas" fabric.
So what are you working on?
Linking up with Judy L for Design wall Monday.
Border choices?? Leave a comment with your pick.

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  1. Thanks Tamara & Chris. we have a good group and someone always issues the challenge to "get er done" by a certain date. Keeps us on our toes!