Monday, January 31, 2011

Road to California-design class

I had a great time at this show. Went twice!  I took a class in Backgrounds from Linda Thielfoldt. It was on the longarm, all freehand designs. Lots of fun. She is a great teacher. Her quilts were inspirational and she encouraged us to give everything a try and see how to make our designs unique. I really needed this class. I love to freehand and have  a few designs that I use. I needed to expand  my portfolio and try something new. Get out of the box. I also had a big quilt that called for  lots of design and not just meander the whole thing!
Practice, practice ,practice and on to the quilt:
Pebbles, Crosshatch

Swirling Curls
Hosford/McTavish variation

Mary did  this gorgeous quilt! It is full of animals and fun touches! Way fun to quilt!

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