Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall on the frame

Fall table runner on the frame today. Pretty batik fabrics that quilted up nicely with Glide Linen thread. This thread is thin, strong and has a slight shimmer . It looks great with even this simple meander design.
Also just finished this embroidered quilt. This needed little embellishment as the gorgeous embroidered strips make this quilt.  These are plain fabrics and everything you see was embroidered on!!!

Pretty !

Have a nice weekend, it is a beautiful California fall day here!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Exquisite Quilting

I attended a major quilting conference in Portland, Oregon last week. Machine Quilters Expo or MQX. This show had been on the east coast for years, but this was the first time in the west. It will be an annual event  on this coast as well.
There were some gorgeous quilts and wear ables, classes, personalities, fashion show and even an ice cream party! I had lots of fun and learned so many tips and tricks ! It's a pleasure  to  be with others who understand my addiction!
Sunbonnet Sue is Irish?
Here are pictures of two of the best quilts that each won 2nd place ribbons in their category. These were both quilted by my friend and roommate, Deborah Poole of Shelley, Idaho. What a talent! Her quilting is very, VERY good!

What a unique quilting design on this Sunbonnet Sue. Not just the usual crosshatch! The quilting really shines the spotlight on the applique.

Isn't this border gorgeous? Great pattern choices. Piping adds an elegant touch!

The quilting on this Dresden Plate is spectacular! All those little pearls are so perfect! I love the secondary design she created by just circling the plates. Lots of inspiration here. I'm sure she will be winning more ribbons!
Karen's sea shells
On my frame today is this beautiful sea shell quilt. I just have a little more to do and then it goes home. The colors and embroidery on this quilt are so pretty. The bad thing about quilting for clients is that I have to give the quilts back!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Baltimore Christmas

Baltimore Christmas
This quilt was appliqued by a good customer who does just phenomenal work! It was a joy to quilt, each block was so much fun. When I get a quilt like this it really stretches me to do my best and come up with new and unique quilting. This is not a quilt that you can put the same quilting on each block, as they are all so different. I know that a lot of the Baltimore style quilts have crosshatching in each block, but looking at the blocks I thought it might look very uneven. So each block has a  free flow design  with feathers and swirls and in several of the blocks the centers have different fills.
With this kind of background quilting, I  just doodle my way around the motifs , making the design fit each block. Adding feathers, swirls,or curls . Having fun as I go. I do use similar elements to tie it together across the quilt.

The big Santa needed more detail on the applique. Not only to secure the applique from poofing out, but , as he is the focal point, he needed to be special.

Some outlining, curved lines and swirly fill on his pants. I had fun with the beard too !
Do you see that cute jingle bell border in the red inner border? it is perfect for this quilt! I just love how this design stitched out.

These are awesome blocks! Well executed  by Mary O'Driscoll. She has a great talent for using the right fabric and her embroidery just finishes it so perfectly. There is ultra suede, and glitter fabric as well as a thermore type for the beard. And her applique is exquisite!
All designs were done freehand or with my Ronda Beyer cross hatch ruler. The only computerized designs were the feathers underneath the holly leaf border and the holly swirl in the corners of the Santa . So Fine thread in a soft cream  and some clear thread in some of the applique.
 The designer of this pattern is Pearl Pereira Please stop over and see all her beautiful patterns. She has some brand new ones, just loaded on her site.

Ooops, almost forgot,. the Jingle Bell border is a  digitized design by Anne Bright

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Designer Mystery 2010 -Progress !

Remember these...

These blocks were in various states waiting for me to receive the last 2 and get them done.
Top completed. Yeah!! Now it goes in the line up to be quilted. I'm pretty busy until mid November, so I won't get to it till then. My goal is to get it finished and on the bed for the holidays. Think that will happen?