Thursday, January 31, 2013


Pretty batiks! Quilted with Butterscotch Glide thread. Worked like a dream. Sometimes batiks don't play well, but the quilting fairies watched over me!

Pattern used to quilt this is Honeycomb. Really like this panto and will surely be using it again.
I like this type of geometric design. Works well on lots of different fabrics. adds texture but doesn't overpower.

Close up of the back. The thread just blended in beautifully.

This is a small baby quilt. Freehand pebbles and flowery design over the rest.
Just catching up on my client quilts! What a great variety  I have come through my studio. The best perk of being a longarm quilter!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded by Feathers !

This beauty just came off the frame. It is a Burgoyne Surrounded. it is similar to an Irish Chain as it has a chain going through and connecting the blocks and providing a secondary pattern.

Beautiful feathers were quilted in using Glide Cream and then a simple outlining of the red and blue chains in Omni Climbing Rose and Sapphire.
Looks pretty !!! Can't beat feathers in a quilt!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded

Just started this Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt and he is going to be surrounded by feathers!

Pansy Quilt

Pansy Quilt by Mary O. This beautiful quilt was pretty before I started. It is stunning now !! Mary does such an excellent job on the applique and her use of fabric and color is expert. The quilting needed to be extra special too.

Mary O --Pansy Quilt

There was a lot of open white areas to fill in and the design is really centered on this diamond. When it's on the bed, this will show and I wanted all the design here to be visible, not hidden in the pillow

Above is a mock up of the design for the center. I followed this and stitched, rolled, realigned and stitched as only part of the center was able to be stitched at one time. This was a large diamond! Had to keep checking to make sure I was square.

pillow top area

 This pillow area got special treatment and more feathers to tie the designs together. Pebbling, stitching in and around the applique. Freehand feathers and fills.

Another view of the pillow top area. We also did double piano keys all around the border of the quilt.

Preview of how it would look on a bed.
I used So Fine 402 thread throughout and in the bobbin. The backing was white on white and even when I used a Glide Blue in the diamond and on the swags, I left the bobbin  color  in.
Monolon clear on the applique.
Freehand fills around the swag and pebbles in each center around the swag flowers.
Cotton batting.
It is a joy to be a part of this quilt.

Mini Show

Calender Row Quilt

Xmas Irish Chain

Swirls and Piano Keys

So Fine therad over the embroidery

Fun freehand!

Urban Holiday

I know you are probably over all things Christmas, but thought I'd throw this out there. it is mine that I actually got done and displayed for the holidays!!! Wow, did it in one weekend and then Monday it was back to customer quilts!
Pattern is from Jenny Pedigo at Sew Kind of Wonderful. It uses her Quick Curve Ruler. I think this would be great in other fabrics too.
I ordered this pattern as a PDF and got it instantly. So cool, when you are eager to get going!

I shamelessly copied Jenny's quilting in the white pieces. I have to say when I first saw this pattern I thought"pearls" too. I did add her squiggles on either side. It really sets off those pearls.

I had fun choosing designs for the ornaments and used several. You could have a lot of fun quilting this. Different textures in each color would look good too.

 Be sure and stop over at Sew Kind of Wonderful and see what can be done with the quick curve ruler. Her BOM is very tempting. I really am intrigued by her new log cabin version. Hmmn , might have to try it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dotted Polka Dotted

This is my own quilt and I have it about half done. Then I took it off the frame as I got swamped with quilts to get done before Christmas. I'm sorry to say that I haven't gotten much more done on it. I am still very busy with customer quilts.  I try to do my own on the weekends, but haven't had the luxury yet. But I'm not complaining. I love being busy and seeing what everyone brings me.
I found that fun dotted fabric at SewModern in West Los Angeles and fell in love with it. Isn't it perfect!

The instructions for this quilt are at Bunnyhill. It'sScrappy Dresden Plate.

Next a quilt show of  customer quilts  finished before the end of 2012. Stay tuned!

Generals Ladies

This is a pattern called The Generals Ladies and beautifully pieced by Marilyn R. I used more traditional quilting motifs like feathers, wreath and I even found a paisley design to go in the setting triangles. I was so pleased to find a paisley as that design is the gold fabric. Really tied together all the elements.

This is a type of sampler style quilt and has many different blocks , triangles, borders...a lot going on. The trick is to find common ground or it will look very busy. We did that by using feathers as the main theme and repeating elements throughout the quilting.

In progress and having fun!

Here is that paisley design.
Threads were chosen to blend in and all are Permacore in ecru, dark beige, blue grey and a funny red.
These fabrics looked awesome quilted. Hobb 80/20 batting. I think this picture shows the whole quilt, and you can see all the different quilting.

Space Quilt

Back to blogging! The holidays are over , I am caught up on my customer quilts and very busy with new ones. I thought I'd post several that were finished.
 First up, the Space Quilt.
 My client made this for her daughter who had a test she designed as a high school student get picked to be on  one of the space shuttle missions. They both got special tours, met the crews of several shuttle missions and attended the launches. Mom did a special job on this. It is a very unique quilt.
This great quilt is all embroidered. that center sphere is made up of lots of 6 inch block, each embroidered and then sewn together. A puzzle, when put together forms the sphere. Incredible!

The borders have  the names of the  astronauts, shuttles,and the companies who designed and built the rockets and shuttles.

The gold thread is couched on top in a wavy pattern. I wanted the quilting to add texture but not be "in your face". The embroidery designs are the stars here. I alternated a swirl in one section with  gentle lines in the next in a blue thread that just was a shade different to show up. Glide  Pacific was perfect.
Glide Cream for the stippling in the white border and in the sphere. The sphere had outlining  to highlight special elements of the design and to tack it down. It already had batting behind it when embroidered. So it had a double layer, but seemed to quilt just fine.
It is always fun to do something so unusual and add the finishing touch to this quilts' vision.