Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swirls with fun thread color.

This just came off the frame over the holiday weekend. The client needed it by June 1st and it's done !
This is such a happy quilt and the fabrics are beautiful batiks. It's quilted with Navajo variegated thread from Superior and the colors are absolutely perfect for all the batiks. The pretty fabrics sing with this thread...a good combo. I decided to use the variegated on the back too and this is a thicker thread and it took more than one bobbin per pass! But , it looks great.
Here is a close up. I hope you can see the colors and quilting design. We used Swirls by Deb Geissler, the more open version,(not as much backtracking). I have used this pattern before and it is a favorite. It never fails to make the quilt spectacular. With a quilt pattern as rectangular /square as this, it seems to need the swirly type design. They play well together. Hobbs 80/20 batt.

I have just purchased some new thread , Omni, and am anxious to try it. It looks very pretty and is supposed to be less linty. I bought a few spools in colors that I have been using a lot of lately and one fun orange /red/gold that I think will work on many quilts. It seems to pick up the gold tone that is in a lot of fabrics. I believe it's Hazelnut.

I didn't get as much done on my own projects over the Memorial Day weekend. I did cut  out the last 2 blocks for the Mystery BOM. I have most of this quilt together in rows and need to push on.
I have been busy with several custom quilts that can't be photographed yet. (When I get the OK, I'll show them).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ohio Rose ..part deux

Well, really part seven or eight! I love these old fashioned applique quilts, but there is a lot to quilt ! I can understand why, in the past , hand quilters crosshatched the entire quilt and called it done.
 There is outlining on the applique and designs on the applique and leaves. Florette's and roses on the swag, feathered wreaths ,cross hatch and background fill. Rose, green and pearl thread.  Wool batt. AND, I'm almost done.
As much work as this is, I have loved doing it.  It is a tribute to the top maker who persevered and got this done. I would find it hard to do the same applique block over and over. Yes, this top would have been ok with minimal quilting, but it is really special now. The quilt deserved it. If you listen to the quilt, it will tell you what it wants.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

One finished .. one still working !

Ryan's quilt

Crazy Cars
This cute little quilt was custom ordered for a boy who likes cars! What a fun quilt to do. I put in a star and one car next to the name in the center. It is a pale blue fabric, (hope you can see, it's hard to get a decent photo) and a wild blue with lots of cars on the back.
I used a pale blue cotton thread to quilt it and everything was prewashed. I like to use a fairly dense quilting on baby quilts as they are going to get tons of love and use..and probably some dirt too!

Meanwhile I am plugging away on the large Ohio Rose. It is turning out very pretty. I will try and get pictures at the end of today. Need to do a bit more quilting.

I got the final block in my Mystery BOM , the Christmas one. I can't believe it has been a year. I have block 11 & 12 to do, but already have the rest in rows.
But I am way behind in the Layer Cake Quilt a Long!  I need to add borders and get her done! Where do they sell clones? I need one.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ohio Rose

I have this just loaded on the frame. It is an old quilt and large, about 108 x 90. I love the color combination that was used in these quilts. It really evokes roses and leaves. Nowadays we have so many fabric options when piecing, batiks, hand dyed, designer etc. It is fun to see how beautiful a quilt can be created with simple colors and fabric.
This quilt seems to me like it should have 2 more rose blocks. Maybe not, or maybe the quilter used all  the fabric she had and called it done.  Whatever! It's mine now and I will honor this old top with some beautiful quilting!
I am using a beautiful Pearl Glide thread that blends in nicely with the muslin color background fabric. It has a hint of shimmer to show off the quilting. For the flowers, a luscious Pink Glide and haven't gotten to the leafy green , but have several to choose from.  When I get there I'll decide.
I have stabilized and started on the center blocks first, because I haven't a clue what to do around the swag border. These blocks are large and the space on either side of the swags is too. I have several options:
  • Fill same as around the applique
  • bead board lines
  • separate design, flower or feather and some fill
What to do???

I'm hoping that I will get the center done and inspiration will strike!!
(Any ideas, please leave me a comment)
Well, better get moving..lots still to quilt!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies !!

I have been busy with customized baby quilts for clients. The above quilt is in a holding pattern. I will reload and put in the name and fill or pattern after the birth. It's for a girl , but I have found it's better to wait till the baby is officially named before quilting in the name. (Ask me how I know! LOL)
This is a fun pattern.  Sometimes I use a designer's pattern (by Georgette/Sweetdreams Studio) or do it myself. But no matter what I tweek  it on my laptop and make it special for each child. This is what I'm starting with. The center will have the name and maybe some fill designs or a flower, teddy bear... There is a lot that can be added to make it unique for each child. This quilt has paisley lavender, pink, green fabric on the back and lavender on top.
I used all cotton  fabrics (pre washed) and cotton thread to quilt. I usually do the name in cotton and then outline with some shimmery Glide in a shade darker.
Next one in line is for a boy with wild car fabric on the back and instead of diagonal lines, it will have cars, tires etc and his name in the center.
These quilts have lots of possibilities... variegated thread, wild colors.. You name it, and I will try to do it! I always use plain or subtle colored fabrics  for the top so the name is visible.
This one is a pale green  with the  name and a rose quilted in the center. It is for a little girl named Lilah Rose and her twin received one in yellow with  a dove on it for Audrey Dove. Unfortunately the yellow is very hard to get a decent photo of. I'm hoping to get a photo of the girls with their quilts, (hint, hint) and I'll post it here.

This is just one of the custom designs I do in addition to my regular long arm quilting. I also make Chuppahs for Jewish brides and they are similar custom design, but bigger. 

View Chuppah w...jpg in slide show
This is the chuppah I made for my daughter's wedding.
Designing something special is a perk of my business!