Monday, March 25, 2013

Going Modern

This is called Urban Chain by Jenny Pedigo . Another design that uses her Quick Curve ruler. Check it out here
I assembled this at a quilt retreat and put it in the lineup to quilt. It was the perfect pattern as it used fat quarters . I won all these in a game where the prize was a pile of geometric FG's.  I hadn't found a place to use them when I spied this pattern!! They look so great here with the light grey (Kona Ash) .

I thought they needed a more mod/geometric quilting design and love how it turned out. I have another of her patterns in the works. A modern Amish DWR. I think Jenny is working on another Modern Double Wedding Ring, so I'll probably do that too when it's available.
Since I only do my quilts on the weekends if I feel like quilting.(and who doesn't). Next on today is a client's huge Bargello. Here's a peek:
That's about half the quilt as I couldn't get it all in. Lots of seams but gorgeous. We are going with a variegated thread and an allover design. Will post when loaded and I have quilted a few rows.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hanging Gardens -Part Deux

This beauty is the second Hanging Garden that my client, Barbara Z. has made. All hand pieced!! 2 of them !! This is a gift for her son and wife so she wanted a swirly pattern, but not too fussy.
The blues and green fabric choices really make this a striking quilt. Very pleasing to the eye. 
We chose Culique in white thread as she wanted the pattern to really show on the pieced squares and on the solid blue back.
 Signature cotton thread is a bit heavier , but still the backtracking around the swirls is beautiful .

 I like how this design stitched out . I expect this will be a favorite design with my customers. Looks good, adds some movement and fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Diva Wallet

I finished my Diva Wallet and it was so easy!

I first saw this on Robin Quilts I thought it looked so cute and doable. I ordered the pattern from City Quilts and the purse hardware from an Etsy , American Purse. I purchased the instant download pdf pattern for the purse. Printed it out and assembled most of it. The frame is the last thing to go on, so I could get it all ready before the frame arrived in a couple days.
You make it in two segments and then put it together. Not hard.
Super easy zipper insert.

The frame really adds that professional look! The hardest part of the whole thing was those itty bitty screws that hold the frame on. They kept rolling away!
This turned out so nice I may have to make another for my sister. I could really have fun with the fabrics and make each card pocket  different ! Ooooh so many options. This took less than 2 fat quarters and I have plenty of those!!

Speaking of FQ's. I came across some interesting articles on organizing your stash and have started in.

This is the greens folded and sorted. Noooo, this isn't all my greens. It doesn't include batik or the dots& stripes. I will get to them later. You can find the articles here.
Back to folding, sorting & quilting.