Monday, February 8, 2016

Bionic Gear Bag-Fini!

The Bionic Gear bag is a project that I've had the pattern for sitting around waiting for me to do for a while. Perfect Superbowl Sunday sewfest!
This is a Craftsy  Pattern and there are also tutorials on Youtube that are a huge help.
Of course, it's in purple!
What is It? It holds all my quilting gear, ready to grab and go to quilt retreats or workshop. When at home , it sits by my machine.

Has a nice enclosed tray to keep things in. 4 zippered pockets and space in between.
Between the second and third zippered pockets  I have 7 spools of thread w/ bobbins.

Here it is with some of the notions I keep in it. 

Ok, now, I'm ready for quilt soon as I get my projects sorted!