Monday, January 31, 2011

Road to California-design class

I had a great time at this show. Went twice!  I took a class in Backgrounds from Linda Thielfoldt. It was on the longarm, all freehand designs. Lots of fun. She is a great teacher. Her quilts were inspirational and she encouraged us to give everything a try and see how to make our designs unique. I really needed this class. I love to freehand and have  a few designs that I use. I needed to expand  my portfolio and try something new. Get out of the box. I also had a big quilt that called for  lots of design and not just meander the whole thing!
Practice, practice ,practice and on to the quilt:
Pebbles, Crosshatch

Swirling Curls
Hosford/McTavish variation

Mary did  this gorgeous quilt! It is full of animals and fun touches! Way fun to quilt!

Layer Cake 7

Block 7
Here is the latest in the Layer Cake quilt a long. I love how this turned out. being able to use some scraps in this block was an added plus. My leftovers are dwindling and I want to be sure to have some choices for the remaining 5.
Here is the group so far:
Layer Cake Quilt-a-Long
I am also joining a BOM online and will post a picture of that soon. I need to decide what fabric to use. Maybe I should raid my batik stash..hmmm.  Will keep you posted.
What are you working on?
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Works in Progress

Here's my Monday update.
This is a row quilt done by my friendship group and the challenge now is to get it together. I took apart the rows that were pieced blocks and resewed them vertically. Playing around with the settings in EQ7 I decided this was the best. I didn't want a long narrow quilt or a big wide one. I needed this to fit  on a certain wall . Added a few plain blocks where I can doodle when I quilt, maybe add the month name or quilt a turkey, flag etc, I'll decide as I quilt it.
One of the challenges with this type of quilt is finding a sashing fabric that works and a border. There are so many different types and colors in these blocks. My first choice was black with white polka dots but I didn't have enough fabric, so went with the check. Using the check meant I had to ditch my stripe border as it was just too much. I am auditioning this multi color flower print that I picked up at the Road to California show. This may be the one.
I am also continuing on with the Lost Socks blocks that I thought were due this month. Got a reprieve, so I can do them  when I have a moment. This is an easy pattern, once you decide on the fabrics for the socks, heels toes. I cut them out in groups and then play mix and match.
We are doing this in a "homespun" look, but, it would be really nice in red, green ,gold with cream backgrounds. Sort of Christmas looking but with no"Christmas" fabric.
So what are you working on?
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Border choices?? Leave a comment with your pick.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Block 6 LayerCake

Block 6
Here is my next block. I'm not thrilled with it. Maybe it will grow on me. The red shapes kind of jump out.  I think I should have done more variety. As we progress, there is less choice of the leftover layer cake squares. The borders of this were all from scraps as I am trying to have some left for the next 6 blocks!
  On the bright side I used my 50% off coupon at JoAnn's today and got a bolt of muslin. I can always use muslin for backings, but this is for practicing some new designs on the long arm. I will post pics later. Sundays I try to do my own stuff or take a break from customer quilting. (Unless I'm on a deadline)
 Tuesday I'm going to Road to California and taking a class. Whoo Hoo!! Maybe go again Saturday for another lecture and to see the show.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost Socks

This is the next group quilt/swap that I am doing.( besides the LC quilt a long & BOM from FQ shop !!) Isn't this cute! We make one large/one small and swap them. " Homespun Look", is the only guideline. These fabrics are from reproduction civil war era, so hope they are homespun enough. I don't usually do this look and am branching out. That is one of my quilt goals for 2011--do something different.

I have a few pieced blocks with some of the same fabric and maybe I will combine these two groups into one quilt. I 'm also thinking of Dr Seuss.."one sock two sock, red sock, blue sock"! Oh wait, that's "one fish, two fish". The socks were on the fox! Oh well, there's a quilt in here somewhere!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Honeysuckle---Color of the Year !

Thank you to Moose On the Porch Quilts for first blogging about this new color. Remember Turquoise? So last year! LOL This new color is what is in for furnishings, paint etc. I doubt that I'll be painting any walls this color...not even an accent wall. BUT, this color is gorgeous in fabric!! I just got the new Hancock's of Paducah (fabric bible for quilters), and there's Honeysuckle in every ones new fabric line!
Dena-Kumari Gardens

Gypsy Bandana- Pillow /MaxField

Jane Sassaman, Garden Divas

Kaffee Fassett

Kaffee Fassett fall 2010
I can envision some sumptuous quilts with this color. I think I  may have to go fabric shopping. Like I need an excuse.
What's your feeling about this color? Like or not? Are we going to see couches in this hue..maybe not, but I bet we see it in pillows, dishes, and maybe even on Christmas trees next year.'s here !

This seemed like the quilt to hang for this month! Here in Huntington Beach,Ca we never see snow, just some frost on roof tops. I guess I miss the snow! This is a group quilt . We had one  fabric (red) that had to be used in the block and the backgrounds had to be sky type.  These snowmen are really cute with little snap eyes and their carrot noses!
We also made extras and when our guild had it's auction we made 3 small quilts and they SOLD like hotcakes! We found that with different sashings and border, each quilt looked unique. (Sorry, no photos)
Looking for a fundraiser..this is an idea.
 Next up: new Layer Cake block is up tomorrow, have to do a Mug Rug for a quilt along, finish the quilt on the longarm and start the next which is a custom applique calender quilt. Pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pretty Bird Houses

This pretty quilt is on the frame today! Can you believe this is a "first quilt" for this customer!! Wish my first looked this good. We are doing hearts is a loopy wander over the quilt and using a soft celery green color.  Just a hint of color and not overpowering. It looks beautiful and brings out the green in the fabrics. The only challenges have been the giant rick rack which surrounds the center square  and some dimensional piecing.

See the quilt in the basket above.. it is 3-D and I'm trying not to stitch it down completely . There are a few other pieces on this quilt that are like this and really make this a fun pattern.
Just some  soft quilting to make all the birds and their abodes stand out!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010

I hate to see Christmas end and put away all the cheer. But maybe the clean up will spur me on to new goals! Things I need to finish, UFO's!!! I do have a few of those.
  •  #1 on my list is the Fig Tree Baskets quilt that just needs to be put together and borders added.  The fun part of piecing  the blocks and seeing how each looks is over. I always have to force myself to do borders. Funny, I love quilting them, just not adding them.
  •  #2..let's see, oh yes, the BOM Christmas that I'm doing through Fat Quarter Shop. I will take my blocks to the quilt retreat in Temecula and get them done. Unless, I find something that catches my eye!
  •  I am all caught up on the Layer Cake Mystery at Moose on the Porch Quilts so no problemo there.
I'm  sure I can find a few more undones in my stash. Do you know we once asked the question, "How many UFO's do you have" at Guild and the most was 71. This was one of our most prolific quilters and I bet she has them all done now!  How many do you have? I like to look many new things am I going to start!! More fun.
I think my Christmas stuffed Gingerbread people are going to hang around a couple more days!
Happy New Year and here's to new projects, and fun in the sewing room!