Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teaser Allert ! Halloween Quilt

Watch Out for Spidey!
From weddings to Halloween! It's fun to see the variety of quilt tops that come across my frame. This one is a beauty! But  I can only give a sneak peak until it's done and the owner sees it. I will be sure to get more photos of this as it has lots of expertly done  gorgeous applique. Pumpkins & Spiders & Trick or Treaters oh my!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hearts & Stars

Blue & Yellow Stars
This pretty and well pieced quilt just received it's last swirl and is done! The quilting pattern used was by Tammy Finkler, Elegant Feathers. It always looks good and just right for this quilt. We wanted a design that added a bit of elegance,movement  and compliment to the star points.
Elegant Feather
The darkest blue fabric has a faint swirl design so it was a natural. I like to make the quilting seem like it was made  for the quilt. This was perfect!
Cotton batt, palest blue thread by Permacore, (top & bobbin). Looks good. I closed the vertical spacing on this design to make it nest closer and flow across the top with no visible "rows".

Red Hearts
 What is more romantic than red hearts with feathered quilting?
The colors of this quilt work so well together. Red, beige , a touch of green , gold and cream. Beautiful!
This will be a wedding present so we went all out on the custom design.
 Feathered hearts in Candy Apple Glide thread.

Feathery triangles and a feather and piano key border. 

I used a simple diamond design in the sashing and border. It is a great compliment to the feathers and keeps the design connected without being "too much".
I love how this quilted up. It is a beauty all ready for the lucky couple !

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Loved how this pattern stitched out! This is a special quilt that the client needed ASAP.  The blue green batiks were complimented by the Signature variegated  thread in a blue/green/teal combo.  The pattern, Whirlpools, by Laurie Thomas of was a perfect choice. I sized it up to 13 inches to make the swirls fit  and look nice on the blocks. The rounded swirls contrast nicely with the square log cabin block. Even stitch out and a very pretty design.  This quilt is going to a man and this pattern is geometric and interesting ,but not too fussy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wilderness Quilt-Done

 What a fun top to quilt!

Here is this lovely quilt all done! It is hard to get a picture to show all of it at once, so I will add some pictures of the different areas. There are lots of animals,done in Ultrasuede frolicking all over this quilt! I used a variety of fills to lend texture and lots of different threads.
I love how the quilting brings out the appliqued critters!

We have some silky Glide and variegated greens and blues and several neutrals from cream-white-gold and course pumpkin and wood colors too. So Fine, Omni, Essential Pro and Signature thread  were also used along with 3 pre filled Glide bobbins in cream.  Totally freehand designs. I got a chance to use some of the techniques I learned from Linda Thielfoldt in her "Backgrounds" class from  the Road to California  Quilt Show.

Now for the best part: This quilt made by Mary O'Driscoll is going to be donated  to our auction!! You could bid on this and win!! October 8, 2011, check it out Look under the Auction & Tea Tab.
 Good luck!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wilderness Quilt

Working my way down this beautiful quilt! This  large applique quilt has all manner of trees, animals and birds. So that means all freehand design and many thread color changes.
A fun challenge! As I move from area to area, I change the quilting design along with the thread. I 'm finding that the green of the trees is different than the fields and grass. Since I have lots of thread, I may as well use them! When I'm changing thread often, I just do a one time thread charge fee. Keeps it simple and easy on the client.

I will keep on working as I am only about 1/3 way into this!
Another view
Time to roll the quilt and see what's next, plowed fields and a tree with three dimensional blossoms!