Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to Quilting !!

It seems like forever since I had a chance to blog. Had a very serious health issue with my youngest that required 20 days in the hospital. He is much better now and life is back to normal. Here are a few on/off the frame.
This is one of the log cabin blocks on the current quilt. Very pretty pastel with alternating applique blocks. Using a light sea foam blue color thread and it's looking very nice. More photos as I finish up.

Next are two more Fast 1600 Strip quilts. Both ladies chose purples but they are nothing alike!
French Ferns

The fern quilted design is a variegated King Tut thread and the Tangled version I tried the new So Fine variegated in purples and it worked very well. No issues with either except they are both linty thread and required more diligence in cleaning out the fuzz with each bobbin change.

Glad to be back at the frame and a good start to my summer. Now if the sun would break thru the June gloom...