Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February...It's Here !

Wow, another month gone. Some days it seems like Christmas was last week, but here we are already into Feb. hung up a little wallquilt from years ago. I think it was one I tried out the block and decided one was enough. So, it became a mini quilt!
 I know there are blizzards throughout most of the country and lots of you are having "Snowed in Sewing Days". Even though it was sunny and nice in California, I'll join in too.
This is on the frame today and almost done. I used Affinity thread by Fil-Tec. Color is Carolina. It is variegated from white/ice blue/light blue and fits the snowmen and snowy feel for this quilt. This is a slippery thread and I had to knot & bury the thread tails to be sure they didn't escape.
 That's it for today. Going to get ready for The Good Wife. (Love that show)

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