Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Digress...

I have not been quilting!! Bad , Bad. I have been painting. The bad side of having an open floor plan house is that you can't just paint one room! 2 years ago my DH and I put in wood floors (which we LOVE). You know, change one thing and the rest starts to look shabby. And I'm not talking"shabby chic". So time to paint, living room, dining, kitchen, & entrance stairway. Color is SW Kilim Beige, accent is Nomadic Desert. Lots of cutting in. I found a great brush by Purdy thanks to Sherry of YoungHouseLove, that really made this job easy. I have done a lot of painting and can do cutting in pretty well. This smaller brush allowed me to do it without taping off. Big time saver! Here is a before/during:
stair way,primed & some paper up
The above wall was never completely finished. When we bought the house it had the dark 1960's wood paneling (ugh and the kitchen had Z-Brick on the walls! Remember that.).  We have always had some sort of paper on it. What is going up is a paintable bead board paper that you paste and hang.:( Really not too bad except some of the drops are over 100 inches and that's a lot to wrestle with on stair steps.

I will paint this white and do a photo wall. This is tricky as there isn't room for anything on the wall that's very deep as it will get knocked off.

Other side , with stripes! I used the Nomadic Desert as the darker stripe and the lighter  on the walls of the rest of the  rooms. (stripes here only). The stripes were not too hard to do. I used the green Frog Tape and it didn't stick that well in places. It may be because the background was fresh paint. Had to touch up a bit.

Rest of the rooms. Sort of backtogether, but art and pictures still to hang.
Here is some quilt eye candy. This is a quilt rescue project that I bought off eBay. I think I'll add a border and quilt it. There is a similar quilt in the newest issue of American Patchwork Quilting that is what I am planning to do. Even the quilting done on it is very close to what I have planned. I hope I can get this to look good and square. Sometimes there's a reason some old tops weren't finished, but I can tame it!
Next: quilts to do, catch up on BOM's, and or course finish my painting!
Spring quilts on the rack.


  1. Cecilia, I saw the quilt you're talking about in the new APQ magazine, too, and it really caught my eye. I hope you have fun reviving that old quilt of yours one day.


  2. Teresa,
    I was so surprised to see it in APQ too.It is almost identical to what i had planned!