Monday, June 27, 2011

Hearts & Stars

Blue & Yellow Stars
This pretty and well pieced quilt just received it's last swirl and is done! The quilting pattern used was by Tammy Finkler, Elegant Feathers. It always looks good and just right for this quilt. We wanted a design that added a bit of elegance,movement  and compliment to the star points.
Elegant Feather
The darkest blue fabric has a faint swirl design so it was a natural. I like to make the quilting seem like it was made  for the quilt. This was perfect!
Cotton batt, palest blue thread by Permacore, (top & bobbin). Looks good. I closed the vertical spacing on this design to make it nest closer and flow across the top with no visible "rows".

Red Hearts
 What is more romantic than red hearts with feathered quilting?
The colors of this quilt work so well together. Red, beige , a touch of green , gold and cream. Beautiful!
This will be a wedding present so we went all out on the custom design.
 Feathered hearts in Candy Apple Glide thread.

Feathery triangles and a feather and piano key border. 

I used a simple diamond design in the sashing and border. It is a great compliment to the feathers and keeps the design connected without being "too much".
I love how this quilted up. It is a beauty all ready for the lucky couple !

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