Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trick or Treat !

Isn't this a delightful quilt? I love all the bears in their Halloween costumes. Reminds me of growing up and how my brothers, sister and I  would plan our costumes,(changing our minds daily), and our trick or treating attack plan for the neighborhood. You always had a favorite house to get to first where they had the best goodies! These bears are ready to go .  

There are spooky surprises quilted in the purple background. Witch on a broom, scary cats among the mice, ghosts and spider webs! Sort of a Halloween "I Spy".
We didn't want a heavy look to this quilt, so I quilted in motifs and light fills. With applique quilts, I think the "star" should be the applique . It's a lot of work and needs to shine. This quilt lent itself to all sorts of fun motifs and I had fun with  the quilting.

Purely Purple Omni thread , So Fine black and Hobbs 80/20 batt. As always Diana's applique was perfect . This is a BOM quilt from They have some great patterns ,so check them out.Watch out for spiders !

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