Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gorgeous Applique

Working on this gorgeous quilt made by Madeline. The colors are so pretty and really pop against the black.
Affairs of the Heart

This quilt is expertly appliqued and with the added embroidery , it is a stunner!!

I will be changing from black thread to invisible and doing a little quilting in some of the squares that need it.
The client chose an easy , more open background fill and stitching in the ditch only where needed. This is to be a gift to some lucky person. (wish it was me!)
Freehand design, Omni Black and Whisper Touch Invisible thread. Hobbs 80/20 batt.


  1. Cecilia! I had the privilege of being nominated as a small blog for the Liebster Award, and so I've nominated your small blog for the Leibster Award today! Check it out on Google if you've never heard of it (like I had to). Congratulations!


  2. Stunning work! I can only dream of one day being able to do work like this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

    Caz, The Accidental Quilter XX