Monday, March 25, 2013

Going Modern

This is called Urban Chain by Jenny Pedigo . Another design that uses her Quick Curve ruler. Check it out here
I assembled this at a quilt retreat and put it in the lineup to quilt. It was the perfect pattern as it used fat quarters . I won all these in a game where the prize was a pile of geometric FG's.  I hadn't found a place to use them when I spied this pattern!! They look so great here with the light grey (Kona Ash) .

I thought they needed a more mod/geometric quilting design and love how it turned out. I have another of her patterns in the works. A modern Amish DWR. I think Jenny is working on another Modern Double Wedding Ring, so I'll probably do that too when it's available.
Since I only do my quilts on the weekends if I feel like quilting.(and who doesn't). Next on today is a client's huge Bargello. Here's a peek:
That's about half the quilt as I couldn't get it all in. Lots of seams but gorgeous. We are going with a variegated thread and an allover design. Will post when loaded and I have quilted a few rows.

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  1. I did not enjoy making my bargello quilt--but I certainly love looking at this one!