Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 Fabric Bargello

Recently I went with a group of fellow quilters to a weekend retreat where we sewed all day! This is one of the projects I worked on. This 2 fabric bargello was fun to do. The hardest part was the cutting . You need to label every strip so you can keep it in order. This pattern uses a gradated fabric and a focus print. I used Gelato gradations, but Caryl Bryer Fallert Gradations work beautifully too.

You sew the focus fabric and the gradated into a tube and then cut your strips.
strips cut and labeled

All strips sewn together

This is the focus fabric that I used. It's by Robert Kaufman and has this cool border on  one edge. I fussy cut it and added it to the black outer border.
The quilting design is Modern Eccentric done in a yellow/orange thread.
This was so much fun. I warn you it is addictive! I had to do another.

Another finish from the retreat was this jelly roll quilt.

Cool Waterdrop quilt pattern.
Now I have several bindings to do, plus, I am already thinking of another bargello quilt!


  1. What a brilliant idea to use gradated fabric!! Now I want to make one too!

    1. Did you applique the fussy cut focus fabric onto the border fabric?

  2. where can I get the pattern would love to try it

  3. for the Bargello quilt please