Thursday, December 30, 2010

Layer Cake--Block 5

Here is the next in the series for the mystery Layer Cake Quilt a Long that I am doing.  The challenge was to get a mix of fabrics and not use stripes, as the designer said they wouldn't work too well. I have several stripe fabrics in my LC and I need to get using them or I will be left with a few blocks that are all stripes!! (That could be fun.) I did sneak a stripe in the center and it was a left over piece that was just the right size, yeah.
 I am thinking that for the accent fabric I will use the green that is in some of the fabrics. Each block will have a small,1 inch or so, border and the green will go there. I will try it out and see if it is too,"in your face". There will also be at least 2-3 other borders to use the red /blue/khaki. When the final clues are given as to the setting etc, I may revise. After all, one must be flexible in quilting. How often I have an idea for quilting the final top and re think it as I am quilting away on it!

More pictures and updates from my longarm quilting coming. Right now my room has be taken over by my son and DIL who are visiting from Hong Kong. We are still having holiday fun!

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