Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Carolina Lily

The Carolina Lily pattern has long been one of my faves. I saw this top offered on ebay and jumped on it. I don't have many red/green quilts so that was an added plus. There were a couple issues with the piecing..some of the points are off, but who am I to scold.(some of mine are too!) It was a blast  to quilt and do what I wanted.
 So I chose feathers, which are my favorite motifs. Did them with pearls in the outer border and triangles and a feathered cross in the plain red blocks.
Anita Shackelford design

Karen McTavish design
The only problem area was in one green border. This was a pesky little border! After basting and stitching in the ditch, this area had a lot of extra fabric. Can't figure that out, the other 3 green border were perfect angels.

Where did this come from?  What to do !!!
     Piano key beadboard pattern was a godsend. This great  pattern with beadboard and pearls by Julie Lawson had been my plan all along, as I like some straight line work to contrast with the feathering.  It sure helped this area. Sprayed some starch and pinned ,smoothed and tried steam, slowly quilted and manuevered the fabric as I went. Not too bad, a small little tuck...don't tell the quilt police. I can live with it.
whew...not bad

Julie Lawson design

Tammy Finkler feathered pearl border
 This is quilted with Glide thread, colors to match the fabric. I love how this thread works in my Gammill. It is strong, thin and has a bit of sheen so it really shows off the designs and my background fills. Hobbs 80/20 batting. Wool batt would have been fun , but didn't have a batt big enough. Next quilt.
This will soon be my holiday quilt on my bed..once I get it bound!!

 Now on to the next quilts in the line up that have to be done for Christmas..yikes it's December already!!

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