Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost Socks

This is the next group quilt/swap that I am doing.( besides the LC quilt a long & BOM from FQ shop !!) Isn't this cute! We make one large/one small and swap them. " Homespun Look", is the only guideline. These fabrics are from reproduction civil war era, so hope they are homespun enough. I don't usually do this look and am branching out. That is one of my quilt goals for 2011--do something different.

I have a few pieced blocks with some of the same fabric and maybe I will combine these two groups into one quilt. I 'm also thinking of Dr Seuss.."one sock two sock, red sock, blue sock"! Oh wait, that's "one fish, two fish". The socks were on the fox! Oh well, there's a quilt in here somewhere!

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