Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sail Away

Alec's Sailboat Quilt
This may look like it says, "Alea" but it's for "Alec". I think it is just the angle of my poor shot! Since this is still on the frame, and it's loaded sideways, it made getting a good picture kinda tricky.
This  is for friends of ours who sail with us. They just had their first child and have been very busy! Not much sailing ! I found the cute sailboat fabric for the back and the top is a pale blue. I did something different this time. I used a variegated King Tut thread in shades of blue. It shows up much better and I really like the effect.  Sometimes matching the thread gives it such a pale look that the design is lost. Going with darker  thread is too much. This is perfect. The blues range from pale to mid blue.
This is the baby season as I have orders for a couple more. I make each quilt different and tailor it to the child. The next one is for a girl and will have a butterfly theme!

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