Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New hat for Miss Sally !

Miss Sally my Gammill Classic

I just received my new "hat" for my Gammill. Such a cute knitted cupcake pincushion! I stuck some velcro on it and put it on top to keep pins and my swirl eye needle close by . My machine is named Sally after a good friend and quilter who passed away a few years back. She was also my first client as she called me as soon as she heard I had decided to purchase my Gammill and had me put her on the list for an applique quilt. I swear Miss Sally is quilting better with her new hat!

I am working on an applique quilt and almost done. I will show you a sneak peak as the client hasn't seen it yet.
Pineapple corner

There are many background fills, beadboard on the outside of the border and some curved crosshatching on the pineapple. I am using my swirl eyed needle to bury threads when needed and I am just about done. 90% of this quilt has been freehand and a lot of fun!
I will be sure to put up a full picture when done.(client permitting). I hope you can see the quilting as black fabric is always a challenge to photograph.

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