Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do I need another BOM? Duh...of course I do !

Hop on over to Lyn Browns blog and look at her new quilt-a-long starting this month.
Logs by Lyn Brown

It also has some applique coming later around the inside white setting triangles. You can do scrappy or controlled. Hmmmn. I probably have enough to do this in my stash . I might have to get the backgrounds as I never have enough cream/white /eggshell fabrics. I like the thought of doing a few blocks at a time. Since I'm usually at the longarm  all day, a few blocks is fine.
Uh oh, the new Hancock's catalog just arrived and I am drooling over the new Jinny Beyer Kashmir line.
 I may have to buy more fabric!! It would look so good in this quilt!

 On the frame is a great Christmas quilt, but until I get the owners OK, I will just show you a peek.
Isn't that jingle bell border cute? Just fits perfectly. I am doing all the background fills free handing and just took a break to grab a coffee! Back to work.

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