Friday, September 2, 2011

Fruit Applique Finale!

Ta Da !!!

Karen's beautiful fruit applique quilt is finished! This was so much  fun and lots to do! It has several background fills and outlining on and around the applique. The fills and outlining really bring dimension to the fruit and leaves. I did some  curved crosshatching on  the  pineapples to mimic their dimpled skin. In the blank border corners I quilted in a special  design . I redesigned a border and added in a pineapple  to make it fit this theme.

Then above the swirl border I did a straight line design called bead board and below I added freehand feathers and swirls and denser background fill. I hope you can see it as the dark fabric makes it hard to get it to show up in photos. I like how this two step border make a pretty, wavy  frame around the quilt.

Next, just off the frame, is a simpler but still stunning Flying Dutchman quilt.
 Pattern is Whirlpools by Laurie Thomas

I have used this quilting design before and am very pleased with how it stitches out! It really looks pretty here.  This quilter did a marvelous job as this was straight and square and laid flat on the frame.  Camel Permacore thread and Hobbs 80/20 batt.  A winning combo for a great looking quilt!

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