Friday, April 12, 2013

Bargello ..ta da, Done!

Okay, all done. Tried to give you a good view, but this king size just swamps my little queen bed! But isn't it pretty?
My client , Donna, worked very hard on this and her hard work paid off. All the seams match and it quilted beautifully.
We used So Fine 723 variegated top and bobbin and it took 1 and 1/2 cones of thread!
The swirl design really adds movement to the bargello and it looks awesome.
I'm glad it turned out so well as Donna said it was the first and last bargello she was ever going to do!


  1. Beautiful! I pieced that pattern about 20 years ago or so. It's the only quilt I've ever sent out for quilting. It was done as part of a project with the Gallup-McKinley County Quilters in Gallup, NM. It's okay--and although I used it in my home when I lived in AZ, and it's waiting for the next person who loves it. The one you quilted is much more beautiful!

    1. Thanks, it did quilt up so pretty. I understand it was a lot of sewing!