Friday, November 19, 2010

Yellow Brick Road of Flowers!

This quilt is a popular pattern, Yellow Brick Road. My client did it in happy upbeat flower fabric. It is like quilting on a flower garden! We picked a variegated thread that had the colors of the flowers. Jester/Rainbow by Superior Threads fit the bill and looks just beautiful . It seems to capture the flower colors in each fabric. This thread has a bit of poly in it and so has a little sheen to highlight the colors and the quilting.
 Looking  at the quilt pattern, all of the pieces are either square or rectangle shapes. It is often a nice idea to choose a quilting design that has swirls and curves to add interest and  contrast. Makes it fresh and not so boring. The design chosen, Oodles of Doodles, is perfect.

The backing fabric is a light pink so I matched the bobbin color to that.  I really am liking this design and think it has lots of potential. It could be stitched vertically on the quilt, so it would look like a vine growing. (This could be done by loading the quilt differently on the frame.)
Here's a close up with little flash. You can see the design better.  I will finish this up today and then on to the next. I am trying to get all my "must have by Christmas" done. It dawned on me that next week is Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner ! Yikes.

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