Thursday, November 25, 2010

Raw Edge Applique

This pretty quilt is the result of a raw edge block swap. You just stitch down three  different sized circles. The blocks are cut in quarters and then swapped and re sewn. These are fun blocks with lots of color and very useful. I have a collection that I use to fill out rows in a design. It seems I can always find a color in these blocks that blends with what I'm working on.

Here the quilter put them all together to make this cheerful quilt.

The challenge when quilting this is not to catch the hopping foot of the machine on the edges. Some of the circles are stitched right at the edge and some as much as a 1/4 inch in. I went slower and quilted with one hand on the blocks, tucking down edges. The quilting design needed to catch most of the edges and provide a uniform coverage,because when this is laundered, this quilt will bloom! We chose Twirly Roses with Glide thread in Linen.
                                                                    Off to put the turkey in.
                                                                     Happy Thanksgiving!

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