Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies !!

I have been busy with customized baby quilts for clients. The above quilt is in a holding pattern. I will reload and put in the name and fill or pattern after the birth. It's for a girl , but I have found it's better to wait till the baby is officially named before quilting in the name. (Ask me how I know! LOL)
This is a fun pattern.  Sometimes I use a designer's pattern (by Georgette/Sweetdreams Studio) or do it myself. But no matter what I tweek  it on my laptop and make it special for each child. This is what I'm starting with. The center will have the name and maybe some fill designs or a flower, teddy bear... There is a lot that can be added to make it unique for each child. This quilt has paisley lavender, pink, green fabric on the back and lavender on top.
I used all cotton  fabrics (pre washed) and cotton thread to quilt. I usually do the name in cotton and then outline with some shimmery Glide in a shade darker.
Next one in line is for a boy with wild car fabric on the back and instead of diagonal lines, it will have cars, tires etc and his name in the center.
These quilts have lots of possibilities... variegated thread, wild colors.. You name it, and I will try to do it! I always use plain or subtle colored fabrics  for the top so the name is visible.
This one is a pale green  with the  name and a rose quilted in the center. It is for a little girl named Lilah Rose and her twin received one in yellow with  a dove on it for Audrey Dove. Unfortunately the yellow is very hard to get a decent photo of. I'm hoping to get a photo of the girls with their quilts, (hint, hint) and I'll post it here.

This is just one of the custom designs I do in addition to my regular long arm quilting. I also make Chuppahs for Jewish brides and they are similar custom design, but bigger. 

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This is the chuppah I made for my daughter's wedding.
Designing something special is a perk of my business!


  1. I love the baby quilt idea, Cecilia. That "Lilah" quilt is adorable (my daughter's name is Lilah!). The Chuppa picture doesn't show up on my computer, though.