Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swirls with fun thread color.

This just came off the frame over the holiday weekend. The client needed it by June 1st and it's done !
This is such a happy quilt and the fabrics are beautiful batiks. It's quilted with Navajo variegated thread from Superior and the colors are absolutely perfect for all the batiks. The pretty fabrics sing with this thread...a good combo. I decided to use the variegated on the back too and this is a thicker thread and it took more than one bobbin per pass! But , it looks great.
Here is a close up. I hope you can see the colors and quilting design. We used Swirls by Deb Geissler, the more open version,(not as much backtracking). I have used this pattern before and it is a favorite. It never fails to make the quilt spectacular. With a quilt pattern as rectangular /square as this, it seems to need the swirly type design. They play well together. Hobbs 80/20 batt.

I have just purchased some new thread , Omni, and am anxious to try it. It looks very pretty and is supposed to be less linty. I bought a few spools in colors that I have been using a lot of lately and one fun orange /red/gold that I think will work on many quilts. It seems to pick up the gold tone that is in a lot of fabrics. I believe it's Hazelnut.

I didn't get as much done on my own projects over the Memorial Day weekend. I did cut  out the last 2 blocks for the Mystery BOM. I have most of this quilt together in rows and need to push on.
I have been busy with several custom quilts that can't be photographed yet. (When I get the OK, I'll show them).


  1. love the batiks and the quilting. I haven't tried the Omni yet-a couple other blogs have given it thumbs up. I think the goldish color blends well on so many quilts a sage-y green seems to work well too. But I do love variegated ones!
    The rain finally stopped (and the temps went thru the roof) so I've been working my butt off (too bad not literally!!) in the yard.

  2. Cecilia, those swirls are great! And the thread is yummy too. I almost started the bargello quilt in the newest American Patchwork & Quilting over the holiday. But the 5 or 6 unfinished quilts I already have were screaming at me to finish them first.

    I can't wait to see more of your custom work! : )