Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ohio Rose

I have this just loaded on the frame. It is an old quilt and large, about 108 x 90. I love the color combination that was used in these quilts. It really evokes roses and leaves. Nowadays we have so many fabric options when piecing, batiks, hand dyed, designer etc. It is fun to see how beautiful a quilt can be created with simple colors and fabric.
This quilt seems to me like it should have 2 more rose blocks. Maybe not, or maybe the quilter used all  the fabric she had and called it done.  Whatever! It's mine now and I will honor this old top with some beautiful quilting!
I am using a beautiful Pearl Glide thread that blends in nicely with the muslin color background fabric. It has a hint of shimmer to show off the quilting. For the flowers, a luscious Pink Glide and haven't gotten to the leafy green , but have several to choose from.  When I get there I'll decide.
I have stabilized and started on the center blocks first, because I haven't a clue what to do around the swag border. These blocks are large and the space on either side of the swags is too. I have several options:
  • Fill same as around the applique
  • bead board lines
  • separate design, flower or feather and some fill
What to do???

I'm hoping that I will get the center done and inspiration will strike!!
(Any ideas, please leave me a comment)
Well, better get moving..lots still to quilt!

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