Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ohio Rose ..part deux

Well, really part seven or eight! I love these old fashioned applique quilts, but there is a lot to quilt ! I can understand why, in the past , hand quilters crosshatched the entire quilt and called it done.
 There is outlining on the applique and designs on the applique and leaves. Florette's and roses on the swag, feathered wreaths ,cross hatch and background fill. Rose, green and pearl thread.  Wool batt. AND, I'm almost done.
As much work as this is, I have loved doing it.  It is a tribute to the top maker who persevered and got this done. I would find it hard to do the same applique block over and over. Yes, this top would have been ok with minimal quilting, but it is really special now. The quilt deserved it. If you listen to the quilt, it will tell you what it wants.