Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Generals Ladies

This is a pattern called The Generals Ladies and beautifully pieced by Marilyn R. I used more traditional quilting motifs like feathers, wreath and I even found a paisley design to go in the setting triangles. I was so pleased to find a paisley as that design is the gold fabric. Really tied together all the elements.

This is a type of sampler style quilt and has many different blocks , triangles, borders...a lot going on. The trick is to find common ground or it will look very busy. We did that by using feathers as the main theme and repeating elements throughout the quilting.

In progress and having fun!

Here is that paisley design.
Threads were chosen to blend in and all are Permacore in ecru, dark beige, blue grey and a funny red.
These fabrics looked awesome quilted. Hobb 80/20 batting. I think this picture shows the whole quilt, and you can see all the different quilting.

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