Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pansy Quilt

Pansy Quilt by Mary O. This beautiful quilt was pretty before I started. It is stunning now !! Mary does such an excellent job on the applique and her use of fabric and color is expert. The quilting needed to be extra special too.

Mary O --Pansy Quilt

There was a lot of open white areas to fill in and the design is really centered on this diamond. When it's on the bed, this will show and I wanted all the design here to be visible, not hidden in the pillow

Above is a mock up of the design for the center. I followed this and stitched, rolled, realigned and stitched as only part of the center was able to be stitched at one time. This was a large diamond! Had to keep checking to make sure I was square.

pillow top area

 This pillow area got special treatment and more feathers to tie the designs together. Pebbling, stitching in and around the applique. Freehand feathers and fills.

Another view of the pillow top area. We also did double piano keys all around the border of the quilt.

Preview of how it would look on a bed.
I used So Fine 402 thread throughout and in the bobbin. The backing was white on white and even when I used a Glide Blue in the diamond and on the swags, I left the bobbin  color  in.
Monolon clear on the applique.
Freehand fills around the swag and pebbles in each center around the swag flowers.
Cotton batting.
It is a joy to be a part of this quilt.

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