Thursday, January 31, 2013


Pretty batiks! Quilted with Butterscotch Glide thread. Worked like a dream. Sometimes batiks don't play well, but the quilting fairies watched over me!

Pattern used to quilt this is Honeycomb. Really like this panto and will surely be using it again.
I like this type of geometric design. Works well on lots of different fabrics. adds texture but doesn't overpower.

Close up of the back. The thread just blended in beautifully.

This is a small baby quilt. Freehand pebbles and flowery design over the rest.
Just catching up on my client quilts! What a great variety  I have come through my studio. The best perk of being a longarm quilter!!!


  1. Lovely, lovely quilts, Cecilia! Great quilting, too. Don't you just LOVE Glide thread? I've recently discovered it and think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I greatly admire your pebbles! They look *so* terrific. I've only done doodle pieces with pebbles because they take so danged long to do! They do make a fantastic background to the baby quilt!

    1. Bethann at White Arbor quilting gave me a hint to make the pebbles different sizes. it really makes it go faster and you get a rythem going. Before I used to be obsessed about having them all the same size and it took forever and just wasn't fun. They also look good interspersed with feathers.